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I sat on my knees by the bathroom door with my hands behind my back and my head down, my legs started to go numb, when he opened the door I could feel his eyes on me.

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He held out his hand for me to grab to stand up, he was only in a towel and I was still in my work clothes. It's like he can tell I have something important I want to tell him.

He looks at me smiling gently, he rubs my arms and kisses me ever so softly on the lips. He guides me to the bed without ever once breaking the kiss, the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed, he picks me up by my thighs and sets me on the bed.

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He stands between my legs, his large calloused hands slowly riding up my thighs and under my skirt, he breaks the kiss when his fingers get to my garters silently asking me for permission. I nod my head eagerly, I love how he takes his time, slowly releasing the clasps and moving down my legs skimming his hands over my knee-highs.

He removes my heels dating 5sos ar implica a reverse Cinderella moment, gazing into my eyes as he slides my knee-highs down to my ankles and off my feet.

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He kisses my leg going to my inner thigh, he pauses to look at me. Christopher nudges me with his nose but stops to look at me. My hips buck trying to get more friction from his finger that caresses my entrance, he slips a finger into me, he begins moving it in and out of me, my fingers curl in the bedsheets at the stimulation of his hands and mouth on my most sensitive place.

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Christopher picks up the pace slightly, adding a second finger and curling them. I feel the knot in the pit of my stomach getting tighter and tighter, it feels stronger than the first time, but God does it feel so fucking good.

My voice peaks as my body constricts around his fingers, I feel his tongue lapping up everything my body has to offer him, he moans before pulling away, his lips and chin gleam in the light, it drips down his bare torso.

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He no longer has his towel on, he opens the condom carefully with his teeth, he pinches the tip and rolls it on himself. He applies a generous amount of lube to his length, rubbing it on then applying some to me.

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He strips me of the rest of my clothing, kissing me deeply as he rubs his tip against me, he slowly pushes into me. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear, or chests rub together he gently fondles my breast, I feel the knot in my stomach tighten.

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I kiss his lips as I cum around him moaning in his mouth, he groans continuing to move his hips, he halts his movement burying himself deep inside of me. He pulls himself out taking off the condom, tying it up and tossing it dating 5sos ar implica, he picks me up putting me under the covers, he crawls in next to me cuddling me and peppering my face in kisses.

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