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Bucharestian is an impressive site maintained by Alexandru Dumitru. Try his archives Bukres a blog about a city we all love to hate is dating paragon china marks so much a blog these days as a resource Monuments is a great site presenting superb photographs of castles and other Romanian monuments.

True Romania was a regular blog which gives useful information about historical Romanians and sites - operated by a teacher and pupils at Ludus secondary school. Sadly the blog stopped posting in but the archives go back 4 years and offer a great source Expat in Romania is a fairly infrequent blog of a Romanian whom lived in Canada for many years and has now returned to Cluj Apart from my own blog Balkan and Carpathian Musings - I know of at least four other Brits who blog from a Romanian base Bucharest Life is an ex-pat site run by Craig Turp dealing with issues of everyday life in the city.

His blog updates that and dating paragon china marks a special section giving examples of the highly annoying habit of parking on the pavements! Hes an Englishman in love with Bucharests blowsy charms who apparently came to live here in ; works as a headhunter; and blogs regularly.

His posts in are good on various aspects of Romanian history and the disappearing charm of Bucharest 10 Peter Fogarty has apparently been blogging about life here for the past decade on pictures of romania - and has collected his various comments together on such topics as bringing up children, weddings and dating paragon china marks up women. But the last activity on the site seems to have been January Andy Hockleys blog has the catchy title Csikszreda Musings - that being the Hungarian name for Miercurea Ciuc which, to me, always sounds like Wednesday beer Ciuc being one of the big beers here.

Hes been here since and some of the early entries are good but, understandably, his blogposts have fallen off in the last 2 years. His posts about English politics suggest that he too is a Conservative. An American in Cluj has a blog which used to be called Im more Romanian than you but now seems to be called, more modestly, Eye on Romania. Hes a more recent arrival; is chatty; and gives the reader some Romanian words.

He has also produced a Complete Insiders Guide to Romania which is fairly basic but with a few interesting points. The rather sad end of one Englishmans blog and life here is told at Transylvanian Horseman Finally three bloggers who focus on Romania but from abroad Sarah in Romania is probably the best blogger about Romania. She is actually based still I think in Paris. Her posts which go back to are always instructive and opinionated whether for example about the rapacious behavior of city mayor Oprescu and other political scandals; or about historical characters.

This post, on the superb Mogosoira Palace on the outskirts of Bucharest, shows the positive side of her blog. The site has diaporamas on all the main cities eg Brasov here The Bucharest Lounge is written from Sweden and has been operating for a couple of years.

It is a sweet window on the more spiritual side of the country Carpathian Sheep Walk may not frequently post but is always worth reading since it comes from Caroline Juler, the author of the excellent Blue Guide to Romania for my money far and away the best guide to the country.

One post gave very useful background on how the EU farm policy affects the country Romania has millions of small-holdings which are not considered commercially viable but which support the people who run them.

Calling them subsistence farmers implies that they are unable to support themselves in any way, which isn't necessarily the case. A lot of 'subsistence' farms produce food for the families who work on them, and in Romania the coldly bureaucratic notion of a subsistence farm is so alien to the dating paragon china marks of a small, working family farm that it's laughable.

Romanians use the term gospodarie, which means home, hearth, the centre of the family, a spiritual haven, a place where people grow real food rather than the processed muck that global corporations want everyone to buy, they embody self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and encompass hundreds of years of tradition and history If the world had more gospodarii, we might have less starvation. Julers blog is part of a larger website which encompasses her other plan de marketing pentru site- ul de dating. Her post reminded me of this article on Traditional farming in Transylvania which appeared recently in the National Geographic magazine 11 3.

Travelogues Romania is a large country but remote - several days of driving are required before travellers from northern Europe will reach Bucharest in its south. Despite this, some have chosen to walk or cycle!

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I have identified at least twenty Travelogues which take in Romania about half of them having the larger scope of the Danube, with the rest focusing on Romania. A very few predate the war but most of those currently available understandably cover the post Ceaucescu period. Undoubtedly the dating paragon china marks famous travel writer for this part of the world was Patrick Leigh Fermour generally known as Paddy whose trilogy about his walk from the English Channel to Istanbul in was finished only last year.

A Time of Gifts covered mainly his experience of Nazi Germany; Between the Woods and the Water of Hungarian aristocratic houses in Transylvania; and, after a year gap, The Broken Road dealt mainly with the Bulgarian and Greek sections of his trip. Paddys writing is quite exquisite. He led a very full life a website is devoted to his memory; and a great biography came out quite recently. At about the same time that teenager Leigh Fermour was walking through Romania, aristocratic Sacharverell Sitwell was motoring and gave us Romanian Journey Romania Revisited on the trail of English travellers was published by Alan Ogden but the same author also edited an Englishmans description of Romanian villages in the s Romanian Furrow - Colourful Experiences of Village Life; Donald Hall Author and Alan Ogden Editor Sadly neither of these books is currently available.

Among the private citizens of the countries visited, he found great warmth and curiosity coexisting with an avarice and mistrust brought about by necessity". Claudio Magris Danube is the most scholarly and is neither a travel book, nor vast prose poem, nor a history, nor philosophy, nor voyage of discovery, but often all at once using the river to muse on the history and literature of central Europe.

See also part 2 of this post novels Transylvania and Beyond ; another bicycle trip, this time by the indefatigable and great Irish writer, Dervla Murphy as she ventures into a country whose borders were open for the first time for 50 years Looking for Gheorge; Love and Death in Romania; by Helena DrysdaleTravelling with friends through Romania inHelena Drysdale met George Cupar, an Orthodox priest-poet. They drank wine in Transylvanian forests and, avoiding the secret police, camped together beneath the Carpathian moon.

When she returned home, George wrote her letters kerala dating of criticism of the Romanian regime, and asked her to marry him and to help him escape.

Abruptly the letters stopped. After the revolution in Helena Drysdale returned to Romania, a country trapped in a labyrinth of post- Communist paranoia, in search of George.

Clear Waters Arising by Nicolas Crane was actually a walk over the mountains which stretch from Spain to Romania. The Romanian Rhapsody; an overlooked corner of Europe; by Dating paragon china marks. Fernandez and F Ferranti A delightful mix of opinionated text and black and white photographs based on 4 visits made in the s 3.

Mapping Romania

Moons and Aurochs; a Romanian Journey; Alan Ogden is out of print Blue River; Black Sea a journey along the Danube into dating paragon china marks heart of the New Europe; Andrew Eames The catalyst for the book was a trip I made to Transylvania, where I stumbled into an almost medieval landscape that I never dreamed still existed in Europe, of scything farmers and their fruit-collecting children, of horses and carts, of wells in the villages, wolves in the woods and bears in the hills.

The storybook detail was captivating. The storks on the chimney stacks, clapping their beaks when their youngsters stood up.

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The chicks dating paragon china marks homemade chicken runs on the roadside verges. And the daily cow parade, when all the villagers' cattle brought themselves back from the fields punctually at milking time and wandered down the main street until they reached their owners' houses, where the gates would be standing open to welcome them home.

Transylvania seemed a mythical place, one where you literally didn't count your chickens until they hatched, and one where you made sure you made hay while the sun shone Along the Enchanted Way by William Blacker an upper-class Englishmen who chose to live first in Maramures and then in Transylvania for a few years, conducting a couple openly admitted of love affairs with gypsies in the course of the latter - but writing beautifully before disappearing to Italian and English country houses To Romania, with Love by Tessa Dunlop is written by a woman who now broadcasts and writes for the BBC 13 Never Mind the Balkans heres Romania by Mike Ormsby is difficult to categorise - amusing sketches of contemporary life in Romania written by an ex-pat The Way of the Crosses; Peter Hurley who made a snowy pilgrimage from Sapanta on the border with Ukraine arriving in mid December in Bucharest, overnighting mostly in village houses on the rural tracks he was using.

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Hurley has been resident in the country for almost 20 years and has developed a variety of musical and rural networks from his work - some of whom are tapped for hospitality. Most of his overnight stays, however, are made in houses he chances upon late in the evenings as he finishes his daily treks and whose impecunious residents clearly take to this eccentric visitor The books descriptions of the landscape make it a charming read and it contains several positive stories of sadly rare cooperative work in some villages for the production of milk and apple juice; of those practising craft skills which are also sadly disappearing; and of at least one good priest doing very good work interestingly in Cristian near my own village.

He kept dating paragon china marks blog while he was doing it and has some great entries eg here Times New Romanian voices and narrative from Romania by Nigel Shakespear which tells the tales ofsome 15 ex-pats in Romania Bronwen Riley has this to say about her book on Transylvania Throughout its history, Transylvania held a distinct position as a frontier zone on the border between East and West.

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The Carpathian Mountains form a natural boundary between the old principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia that, together with Transylvania, now make up modern-day Romania. Transylvania's architecture and entp dating sfaturi mixture of people are a product of its history as precarious border country.

The Transylvanians absorbed eastern and western influences, creating something original out of them. Many people have claimed Transylvania as their own, feeling strongly that it belonged to them.

The Italian academic and writer Claudio Magris describes its tangled history as 'an intricate web of disagreements, cross- purposes and clashes'. It is almost impossible to find a neutral history of Transylvania, dating paragon china marks accounts of the origin of its inhabitants and political events vary widely according to the author's nationality.

For most of its recorded history, Transylvania was Hungarian territory and became part of the Habsburg Empire in Its fortunes were bound up closely to those of Central Europe.

Following the Austro-Hungarian Empire's collapse init was surrendered to Romania. Romanians regard Transylvania as the 'cradle' of their culture, claiming their descent as a nation from Roman colonists dating paragon china marks native Dacians, a branch of the Thracians, whose capital, Sarmizegetusa Regia, was in the heart of Transylvania. The Hungarians still revere Transylvania as the place where the purest forms dating paragon china marks their culture are preserved.

Faced with such a rich array of peoples and histories, this book is selective and focuses on the Saxon towns and villages, the isolated settlements of the Apuseni and the rich traditions of Maramure. This subjective viewpoint dating paragon china marks no doubt be controversialin a country that has been fought over for so long, everything is potentially contentious.

The region known as Maramure is included, which, although historically under Hungarian rule, was officially never part of Transylvania. Transylvania dating paragon china marks unique now in Europe, for here can be found a primal life in the forests and mountains alongside wild animals.

This way of life was once common to all Europeans but is now completely lost. The region, on the very edge of Europe, seems also to be on the edge of time. It contains a link with a dating paragon china marks history that stretches back well into pagan times.

The past hangs heavily over the land. There is something about this country that makes people yearn for it, for lost nations and empires, for a rural innocence that may never have existed. This book portrays a way of life, miraculously preserved into the twenty-first century, that is fast disappearing. The country presented in these pages is one of rural loveliness: there are no ugly apartment blocks, polluting factories or distressing orphanages.

Romania receives much negative press, and one rarely hears anything but its worst aspects. This is not a recent phenomenon but one that travellers have remarked on for centuries - travellers to Transylvania expressed amazement at a country that seemed not just old-fashioned but of another world. Jules Verne set his gothic novel, A Castle in the Carpathians, here in Emily Gerard, whose accounts of life in Transylvania in the s provided inspirational background material to Bram Stoker'sDracula, described it as a hiding place for the supernatural, untouched by the advance of evenimente unice de dating. Max Weber, the German sociologist, wrote about the disenchantment of the world, by which he meant that people once saw the world in which they lived as enchanted and this belief has been in decline ever since.

Romania is the last place in Europe that despite, or perhaps because of, its recent past still retains some of that magic. There is only a hint of it now, in remote villages and in the mountains and forests. Visitors saw this magical, fragile world already under threat a century ago, warning that the traditions, superstitions and even parts of the population itself were in danger of extinction.

Somehow that world struggled on through two World Wars. It was kept artificially alive by the great economic failure of Communism. Now capitalism and membership of the European Union will wipe out in a handful of years what Communism failed to do in nearly The disappearance of the Saxon population has been one of Transylvania's great losses.

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Less than a year after the Romanian revolution of Decemberthree-quarters of the Transylvanian Saxons returned to Germany, almost years after their arrival. Right up to that time, they had preserved dress, customs and a dialect that would have been more familiar to Hans Holbein in the sixteenth century than to a modern-day German.

It was no wonder that some people thought the Pied Piper had spirited away the children of Hamelin to Transylvania. Now mainly the old are left and the sight of anyone in traditional dress is rare, although a visitor to a Saxon church may still hear the occasional greeting of Grss Gott from a Saxon who chose to stay behind.

Although so many have gone, their extraordinary fortified churches and villages remain, as does the surrounding countryside with a rich diversity of wildflowers, birds, insects and animals that was lost in Western Europe dating paragon china marks ago.

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The dilemma now is what to do with a precious European landscape largely untouched by the modern age. A book which is difficult to classify is Mai romani decat romanii? De ce strainii se indragostesc de Romania More Romanian than the Romanians? Why foreigners fall in love with Romania ed by Sandra Pralong Polirom ; its a page book only in Romanian of expat tales of life in Romania and contains a collection of stories written by expats on their experiences of their adopted home.

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Dating paragon china marks some high profile names among the authors: starting with the founder of the emergency ambulance service Raed Arafat. A few years back someone had the bright idea of interviewing a few ex-pats here about their lives quite substantial chats, in dating paragon china marks case more than hour can still be seen at Romania Through their Eyes. Sadly they managed only about 8 interviews. Episode Two is here - and three here.

Rosia Montana in Transylvania is currently the site of an intense environmental struggle against a foreign gold-mining operation. Town on the brink is a powerful documentary about it - more than an hours viewing with some great aerial shots of the area And here is a presentation of the Szekely.

Hungarian-speaking part of Transylvania. Also some diaporamas of the larger Romanian cities. Literature Home and Away 4. The Wikipedia entry is a very full one and gives a great sense of his life and times.

Still a beloved figure for the gentle humour with which he portrays social roles and human foibles. Lucian Blaga ; philosopher and poet Mircea Eliade ; writer on myths and religion Eugen Ionescu dramatist and great dating paragon china marks of the ridiculous. He spent most of his life in France with 16 years in total in Romania during the period Paris Review had a good interview with him.

Republica Populară Chineză

Emil Cioran essayist who lived in poverty in Paris from and whose work has been called "a philosophical romance on the modern themes of alienation, absurdity, boredom, futility, decay, the tyranny of history, the vulgarities of change, awareness as agony, reason as disease".

An excellent book Romanian writers on writing edited by Norman Manea gives us the brief details of the lives of almost Romanian writers since Eminescu and a short extract from each.

The discussion thread of this blogpost from Bucharest Life also gives some good suggestions and the comments section of this bookblog a few years back gave more than 50 suggestions. Three names, however, occur to foreigners when they are asked about Romanian literature Bram Stoker, Miklos Banffy and perhaps Gregor von Rezzori - but none are actually considered dating paragon china marks be Romanian by the locals. The first Bram Stoker should be buried with his literary victims for the damage he did to the image of Romania with the novel Dracula.

Needless to say, he never set foot in the country.

Unii dintre miile de războinici de teracotă, în mărime naturală, ai dinastiei Qincca. Vas chinezesc de porțelance datează din timpul dinastiei Ming Preistorie[ modificare modificare sursă ] Dovezile arheologice sugerează o prezență umană pe teritoriul Chinei încă de acum Prima dinastie din China care a lăsat consemnări istorice, semi-feudala Shang[29] era poziționată de-a lungul Fluviului Galbendin estul Chinei, din secolul al XVII-lea î.

At least the other two spent much of their lives within the boundaries of contemporary Romania but Miklos Banffy who straddled the worlds of Budapest and Cluj which became part of Transylvania in wrote in Hungarian. And Gregor von Rezzoris childhood world was over the border in the Ukraine.

Although his early adult years knew Bucharest as his capital he wrote mostly in German. The amount of space I devote to these two authors will, however, be seen as little short of lese- majeste by my Romanian friends and in no way reflecting the reality of Romanian writing classical and contemporary. I can only plead the selectivity of translators as my excuse Miklos Banffy The Transylvanian Trilogy gave us s living in the first couple of decades of the 20 th century.

Banffys trilogy was originally published in Hungarian in the s and dating paragon china marks taken all of 75 years to become appreciated in dating paragon china marks English-speaking world as the literary masterpiece it is. The central character in the trilogy is Count Balint Abady, and we follow his story through the ten years leading dating paragon china marks to the outbreak of WW I.

Abady is a voice of reason in the Austro-Hungarian government as the empire dithers and bickers its way into the dustbin of history.

But politics is only one facet in this vastly entertaining trilogy.

Managing Money and Language as Interrelated Sign Systems

Banffy is a great storyteller, and he stuffs the novels with colourful, vibrant characters. There are frustrated, doomed lovers, dissolute aristocrats, scheming estate overseers, gypsies, a barking mad count, and a couple of dozen other memorable characters most living their lives just up the road from the Brasov area where I live in and around what is now Cluj but is identified in the book by its Hungarian name Kolozsvar.

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Add in duels, hunts, balls and sundry intrigues and you have 1, or so pages of addictive reading. Banffy wants to tell the often bitter truth about the world he knew and he wants to do it in the most vivacious way possible. The writing is poetic and altogether unbelievably exquisite in the execution.