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Museums and Collections The Lake Cerknica Interpretation Centre At the Interpretation Centre visitors have the opportunity to deer lake dating a working model of Lake Cerknica showing how the underground hydrological system actually works.

deer lake dating

The ethnological collection displays traditional fishing accessories, old wooden ice skates, a dugout, and tools used for cutting and storing ice. The half-hour multimedia presentation explains how the intermittent Lake Cerknica works and changes throughout the seasons.

Speed Dating Ages 20's & 30's at Culhane's Southside

The Hunting Collection includes trophies of wild animals that reside in the Snežnik-Javornik mountain range and in the area around the Lake Cerknica. The peculiarities of dormouse hunting and its economic and nutritional importance in the past and today are described in the Dormouse Museum.

deer lake dating

The Hunting Collection and Dormouse Museum Park of Military History Pivka The Park of Military History Pivka includes an deer lake dating collection with tanks, armoured cars, armoured transport vehicles, motor carriages, special amphibious vehicles, and air transport combat vehicles.

Several interesting permanent collections are displayed.

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Hikers or cyclists can set out on a Circular Trail of Military History or take the path toward the underground fort of the Alpine Wall. Visitors can access to the interior of the submarine.

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Fluctuations of the Karst groundwater levels are caused by a unique geological structure in the area and the unevenly distributed rainfall. When the water levels are high there are as many as seventeen intermittent lakes in the valley.

Deer Lake, Sasquatch Provincial Park, Kent, B.C., Canada by RSamson Aerial drone

The museum explains how the lakes were formed. It also presents how the difference in the amount of water affects the everyday life of local people.

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Models of the most important living environments wet and dry meadows, scrub land, forests and caves are accompanied by the presentation of the Pivka Basin flora and fauna. Many temporary exhibitions are displayed: Memory reigns in the museum, Multimedia presentation of the olm, Life in the underworld and Photos of Eternal Darkness — the Postojna Cave.

deer lake dating

A stuffed brown bear and a cave bear skeleton are displayed on the ground floor. By a permanent exhibition about karst and karstology will be opened.

Download Short Description Materiale și Cercetări Arheologice features papers on various periods suitable to archaeological investigation, from prehistory and classical period to modern times. Our journal publishes synthesis papers, detailed studies on new field discoveries, as well as book reviews.