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I think I did a good job on our vampires memory, as Vlad epe has been considered to be by so many people. It is him!

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How come? I dont have any clue In order to get rid of him, what should I do? Was not my fault, that first, I saw the light, There, on the Vlad Draculas home site It is a curse to carry him with me So, I will tell you who was he : Known mostly by his patronymic name Dracula, he is a mighty legend.

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The hawk-like nose, the waves of hair, wide unflinching open eyes, staring at us from history! Who was Dracula in reality? For many a blood-thirsty ghoul.

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For others, a righteous hero. To those of us whove known him best, He was a fair and a brave man, As historys pages will tell.

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  • Ошеломленные величием этих колоссальных развалин, Олвин и Хилвар приближались к ним в полном молчании.
  • Когда Элвин нагнулся, чтобы подобрать горсть странного мха, тот несколько минут сиял в сложенных ладонях; потом его свечение угасло.

And one thing to remember, dont forget: The faith in Christ he always kept That the invaders faith would not accept. After his beloved father was killed by the enemies, and his brother Mircea was burned alive, young Vlad was asked to reign over Wallachia, his most beloved land.

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Vlad the III or Tzepesh, called Dracula, was just seventeen, when he became a King, but the hope for freedom in his blood made him the fiercest warrior. His rule lasted only for two months, then he was banned by the Sultans armies and chased into exile. Far, far away, his soul was home And night and day he lakas ng dating în engleză to fight With absolutely all his might He was Wallachias right knight.

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For six years Dracula was King again and after expelling the invading amileena dating he aimed to clean his land.

He punished robbers and thieves for they were many in Wallachia as there are in Romania today joking. So, folks who by chance were losing their coins on the road could find them in the same place some days later. Ng yong Dating

Nobody would dare steal the gold, or may end up without a hand, or impaled! But history was stirred again. Was their faith to be impaled?

Vlad the III and a few thousand men, armed with love for their land, fought hard and played some tricks on the invading armies.

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When the Ottomans rushed in panic, they got stuck and trapped, thousands of them ended up impaled, and perished in excruciating pains. So, advised by Allah, their Sultan raised a bigger army and lakas ng dating în engleză once again Draculas country land. This time his destiny was bad Vlad was defeated, the whole Europe was mad He was banished from his land twelve years The whole country rained with tears.

When tears had dried, Vlad tried to reign again, this time only for just two months.

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He led another fierce battle, but in the battlefield he was slain, and his head ended up in Istanbul. A fierce warrior, he defended Christianity for 45 years! On the Past, the memories are bad! We forget the truth this is a fad!

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Some become heroes as they never been And great heroes just figures with bad sins! Example W. II is not too far away, And we forgot the heroes bad men are on display!

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The winners in a war, will be forever right, White will be black and black will be white Became in modern days a figure of a strongman: A bloodsucker, revealed in print and film, A best-selling Halloween costume!!! I will tell you all in rhyme. Next time Vlad Dracula, loved by his countrymen I mentioned about few of the great poets I had the chance and pleasure too meet in Osaka.

The space in a Magazine is limited, but I will continue to write about Osaka poets on the next issues of Destine Literare.

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I had the chance to meet in Osaka the Great MasterDr. I admired his paintings with the Chinese Horse Year symbol, he brought to Osaka see the pictures attached.

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One of his works was purchased if I understood well for one million dollars! Though small house, My Home.