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Curierul medical, AprilVol. Dgebuadze2, T. Sanikidze1, N. Manuscript received February 12, ; accepted April 02, Abstract Background: Many aspects of age-related correlation and causal relationship between the mechanical properties of red blood cells RBCs and parameters of lipid and hormonal metabolism in women are unclear till now. Material and methods: 58 reproductive-aged less than 45 years and 32 menopausal more than 45 years women admitted to the Central Clinic of Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia were investigated.

In each group we studied blood estradiole, free nitric oxide NO content, density of inactive form of β2-adrenergic receptors β2ARs and mechanical property of RBCs membrane.

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Results: In the blood of menopausal women NO content and deviation of volume DV of RBCs, reflecting their deformability, with lower density of inactivated β2ARs on the surface of RBCs membranes was greater than the corresponding parameter in the reproductive-aged women. Conclusions: Lack of blood estrogens content in menopausal women causes the development of dislipidemia, impairment of renewal of phospholipids in RBCs membranes, decreased activity of adrenergic structures and the subsequent decrease in the NO production.

These factors contribute to reducing deformability of RBCs membrane and impairment of mechanical properties of the blood.

Key words: menopause, metabolism, red blood cells. Introduction Several studies have confirmed a direct correlation be- tween β2-adrenergic receptors β2ARs density in peripheral In the period of clinical manifestation of cardiovascular blood cells lymphocytes, erythrocytes and those in cardio- diseases lesions in blood vessels are irreversible; identification vascular tissues. Therefore, β-adrenoceptors in peripheral of early diagnostical markers of cardiovascular diseases, types blood RBCs might be an indirect index of cardiovascular and quality of metabolic disorders causing their development tissues [4].

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It is proposed that receptors of endothelium resulting in the production of the remarkable dissimilarity in morbidity and mortality due endothelial vasodilators such as nitric oxidestimulating to cardiovascular diseases in pre-menopausal women versus vessel diameter and blood flow in the microcirculation [6]. RBCs and parameters of lipid and hormonal metabolism of It was shown that the chemical composition of RBCs mem- women in reproductive and menopausal ages.

A subject 19,5 with cystic disease, ovariectomy, or using hormonreplacement 19 therapy was excluded from this target group. In each group we investigated blood estradiole, nitric ox- 18,5 ide NO content, and density of inactive form of β2ARs and 18 mechanical property of RBCs membrane. Blood free nitric oxide content in menopausal a [7]. Free nitric oxide was measured with spin-trap natrium and reproductive-aged b women.

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Mechanical properties of RBCs were studied according to the derivate of marshall jcm 800 număr de serie dating volume DV determined by spectrophotometric b method. Lipid spectrum in peripheral blood from patients was investigated by enzyme-colorimetric method.

Statistical analyses of the obtained results were performed by SPSS version The result was ob- a tained in the form of standard deviation of average values. The local ethics committee approved the protocol, Fig. Density of inactivated β2AR on the surface of erythrocyte membranes in menopausal a and and informed consent was obtained from all participants. Results and discussion 0. This lower than in the reproductive age 1.

The mechanical property deformability of RBCs depends on many parameters [10].

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Due to the high deformability of dating evenimente kobenhavn RBCs they easily change their form and are translocated in the thin 10 capillaries. So, according to the numerical value of DV Fig.

Blood estradiole content in menopausal a and of RBCs we can detect their spherulation quality and therefore reproductive-aged b women.

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These results do not give us the opportunity to get a In menopausal women dominate senescent RBCs, which are complete picture of the development of cardiovascular di- revealed by their high spherulation quality. In order to find feedback between parameters of menopausal women. A prospective analysis of the as- should be noted that HDL content in blood from women of sociation between cardiovascular disease and depression in middle-aged menopause-aged group was statistically significantly lower, women.

Red blood cell aging and than in blood of women from reproductive-aged group risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Clinical Hemorheology and Microcircula- menopausal women — 3. Our research revealed the existence 3.

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Our data Lipids. Clinical significance of changes in show that spherulation degree or volume of RBCs is rapidly β-adrenoreceptors in peripheral lymphocytes in patients with essential decreased at low HDL in women of reproductive age and is hypertension.

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Chinese Medical Journal. Extra- and This indicates the existence of estrogen-related dependence intracellular signaling pathways under red blood cell aggregation and between those two parameters.

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The difference in incorpo- deformability changes. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation.

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Regula- reproductive-aged and menopausal women is defined by tion of cAMP by phosphodiesterases in erythrocytes. Pharmacological other authors as well [11]; estrogen-dependent acylation of reports. EPR in radiobiology. The Journal of Physiol- Conclusions ogy. As it seems from the results of our study, lack of blood 9. Full dynamics a red blood cell in shear Flow. Erythrocyte sedimentation causes of the development of dislipidemia, impairment of rate: a possible marker of atherosclerosis and a strong marshall jcm 800 număr de serie dating of coro- renewal of phospholipids in RBCs membranes, decreased nary heart disease mortality.

European Heart Journal. Estrogen modulates phospho- lipid acylation in red blood cells: relationship to cell aging.

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Am J Physiol 2. These factors contribute to reducing deformability of Cell Physiol. Manuscript received February 10, ; accepted April 02, Abstract Background: The complex immunological, morphological and morphometric characteristics of the tonsil papilloma.

Material and methods: Patient with the tonsil papilloma was determined by flow cytofluorymeter the state of apoptosis and necrosis, and their ratio in lymphocytes and neutrophils in tonsils homogenate and peripheral blood.

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Were determined the levels of lymphocyte subpopulations and their ratio. The morphometric analysis of histological sections was performed. At the same time, the increase of number of layers and the basal surface of cells was noticed. The cells of papillomatoze outgrowth and its neighboring areas were exposed to hyperplasia.

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However, the peripheral parts of the tonsil mucosa looked thinner, the number of cell layers were no more thanthe thickness of the capsule was increased to 85 micrometers [ The glycogen content in the epithelium of the papilloma was high. Conclusions: Thus, at chronic tonsillitis the sharp decrease of cell immunity and to a certain extent the conservation of humoral immunity is present.

One of the components of the pathogenesis of the disease may be autoimmune processes, which create favorable conditions for the development of papillomatosis of the tonsils. Key marshall jcm 800 număr de serie dating chronic tonsillitis, papilloma, morphology, immunity.