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Serial killers are chasing you as you try to escape from your high school. You play as one of The Teenagers on the run, or play as one of The Killers doing the hunting.

Last Year: The Nightmare feels like surviving through a haunted house with your friends.

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Complete different objectives in the school and work together to escape. Hide in the science lab and build a bomb to use against The Killer. Play as 4 different classes like Assault, Technician, Scout, and Medic.

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Each class crafts different items to help online dating baseball bat escape. Team online dating baseball bat with other players and beat up the Killer using baseball bats.

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Play as medic and give medicine to your friends to help them. Sneak around in the library and plant proximity mines.

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Hunt the killer down with a shotgun while wearing a football helmet for protection. Get chased and hide from The Killer while you are alone in the basement.

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Choose different Killers to play as. Each Killer has different abilities to help you hunt down and kill The Teenagers.

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Use the environment to perform surprise kills like smashing through windows and concrete walls. Turn invisible to move around sneakily and open doors and objects to mess with the heads of other players.

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Grab Teenagers and push them off ledges and buildings to their death. Plant poison gas traps in lockers and school desks to disorient The Teenagers.

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Place bear traps on the ground and wait for Teenagers to step on them and get trapped.