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Eerie village where dead people are replaced by life-size dolls WELCOME to the spooky village where people are replaced by life-size dolls when they die. Maryse Farag The Sun July 5, pm Some of the former residents of the Nagoro, represented by life-size dolls created in their likeness. The doll quiz dating perth in Nagoro, southern Japan, now hugely outnumbers people in this isolated mountain residence.

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Tsukimi Ayano has spent years weaving more than of these dolls to remember her once-flourishing community, The Sun reports. The lifeless figures now dwarf the 30 or so residents left in the village. Quiz dating perth day someone comes to visit me.

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His photos reveal dolls crowding bus stops and making up family gatherings. Living humans live alongside the dolls.

Tsukimi has not just made dolls of deceased neighbours and friends, but also of her own family. Dolls represent deceased people of all ages.

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The doll-making village intrigued Roberto, given his interests in traditional culture, local communities and immigration. The dolls pay tribute to how the person lived.

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This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.