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Source: Stratum Plus Journal. Author s : Gaskevych, D. An inhumation stretched on the back was excavated on Dobryanka 3 site in It disproved entrenched views and made the researchers have a closer look at available data.

ua dating

A ua dating of field survey reports showed that 4 other inhumations stretched on the back, unearthed on the territory of the Bug-Dniester settlements Samchyntsi I, Haivoron-Polizhok and Sokiltsi VI in —, have not been published. Analysis ua dating arguments in favor of the Neolithic age of the twelve mentioned burials showed that 1 cenotaph and 3 inhumations with crouched skeletons and grave goods from Ak-Mechetka and Konstantynivka, in fact, belong to the Early Bronze Age.

The Bug-Dniester attribution of the remaining burials without grave goods was neither proved nor disproved.

ua dating

The only way to determine their reliable age is to obtain radio-carbon dating of the bones. So far, the only date pointing to the turn of the Mesolithic and Neolithic has been obtained for a human bone from Dobryanka 3. The Neolithic age of the crouched skeleton from Tsekynivka I is indirectly proved by its position under a fragmented Neolithic vessel.

ua dating

Thus, for the moment, connection of inhumations stretched on the back with the BDC ua dating better justified. However, there are some grounds to suppose that the funerary rite of its bearers also included inhumations in crouched on side position.

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