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April 4, Protest against shale gas extraction on YouTube On 27 Februaryat the call of the Civil Society Initiative Group of Bârlad, about 8, people [28] [29] took to the streets to shout "No to exploitation of shale gas". The event was attended by people of all ages from all Vaslui Countybut also from ConstanțaGalațiBuzău and Bucharest.

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To avoid any incidents, 80 gendarmes, which were joined by local police crews, assured the public policy measures. A similar protest took place in This was larger and was attended by thousands of people in localities in Romania and 10 abroad.

On Facebook were created dozens of pages against exploitation of shale gas, joined by tens of thousands of people.

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The gendarmes intervened to release traffic in St. Elias Square, blocked by protesters. All those present chanted messages against the current government, but also against mayor Constantin Constaninescu, who was accused that refused to approve certain routes for the protest march and agreed to conduct this meeting in an isolated area.

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More than that, the company has received all necessary tck datând din londra from state authorities for soil exploration in a perimeter within the Siliştea village in Pungești. Protests have escalated in the next three days. Thus, on 16 October, more than villagers of Pungești and surrounding localities, joined by activists from BârladIași and Bucharestformed a human shield in front of the bulldozers.

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The protesters tried to break the cordon, but the gendarmes intervened in force. In fierce clashes between yahoo flip sides dating and gendarmes 10 people were injured, including an yahoo flip sides dating years old man that suffered a panic attack. They also created an Internet TV channelTV Pungești, that covers 24 hours of 24 the events on the protest camping site.

This period of lull lasted only a month.

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On 2 December, when Chevron decided to resume exploration operations, an impressive convoy of gendarmes, police and firefighters went to the area before the break of dawn to secure the movement of Chevron machineries. Gendarmes occupied the village, blocking all access points, preventing entry or exit from the perimeter for 24 hours. While activists claim that around 1, law enforcers were taking part in the operation, police put the number at Journalists were reportedly not permitted to get to the scene.

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In the ensuing clashes, two people were injured and 30 were loaded into vans and transported to the police station. Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu, executive director of the Helsinki Committee Association for the defence of human rights in Romania, said: "There are important signs that indicate that the gendarmes' actions were at least abusive if not illegal.

Manual Humanitas 11

It is very clear is [ sic ] that by restricting the access of the press dating evreu israel the area the authorities did not allow the public to be informed". On 7 December, despite very low temperatures, nearly people from several cities of the country protested against Chevron and its intention to exploit the potential reserves of shale gas. At the spot were sent intervention troops of the Gendarmerie, fact that angered the protesters.

People posed in front of them and shouted "Revolution". Security forces used tear gas and formed a human shield around the plot of land where Chevron would install the first derrick in Romania.

Yahoo flip sides dating people threw stones at gendarmes and knocked down the entire perimeter fence installed by the U. A young man of about 25 years was hit in the head during clashes between law enforcers and demonstrators.

2012–2014 Romanian protests against shale gas

As a result, activists tried to recoil and protest in neighboring localities, but their demarches have been hampered by the gendarmes. Moreover, gendarmes raided the impromptu camp of protesters, because of some pyrotechnic materials they found there. A team of public television journalists was assaulted by gendarmes and was banned from filming in the area.

The leadership of Vaslui Police issued a disposition according to which the commune of Pungești becomes "special area of public safety" comparable to a state of emergencyfact that requires strict control of people and vehicles crossing the locality. IA showed that tensions in Pungești and attempts of unauthorized demonstrations continue, prerequisites for the establishment of special area of public safety remaining valid.

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Ten yahoo flip sides dating received warning for participating in an unauthorized protest. After a short religious service, protesters walked to a police checkpoint that separates the village from the Chevron site but were stopped by riot police as they attempted to enter the area.

Protesters shouted "Thieves" and "Down with Chevron", and later demonstrated near the town hall calling for the mayor's resignation. Protesters threw eggs and apples at Chevron coach and thrust with law enforcers. Then, the mayor of the commune was hiding in his office in the city hall, while an angry crowd demanded his resignation. He was taken by ambulance to Vaslui County Hospital with a fracture of the right arm.

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Column of demonstrators was accompanied at all times by gendarmes. In an attempt to release the Victory Square, things were precipitated. The protesters clashed with gendarmes, and a woman fainted. They threatened to radicalize the rallies using the Greek model and chanted slogans like "Last resort, another revolution" and "Ponta and Băsescu near Ceaușescu".

Furthermore, one of the councilors demanded the resignation of the mayor be added to that referendum.

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Representatives of the Chevron company announced, on 17 October, the suspension of work on shale gas exploration in Siliștea, Pungești commune. The communiqué also notes, "Sovereignty belongs to the people, and the citizens must be consulted and listened to for any decision that may affect their right to health and future".

Institution representatives went to the area to talk to local officials, Gendarmerie representatives and participants in the protests.

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They claim violation yahoo flip sides dating the rule of law and violation of rights and freedoms of European online dating sfaturi daily mail including: right to physical integrity, right to private property, freedom of movement, freedom of expression and right to be informed.

Willy Schuster, a German resident from Moșna, accused company employees that violated his household, trespassed and destroyed his goods.

In May—Junethe dairy producer from Moșna, one of the leaders of the ecological farming movement in Romania, gathered tens of meters of cable on land he owns, all assembled by employees of the company that makes prospections in the region.

The villagers removed cables from their lands. Local television station Nova TV from Mediaș reported that 17 cars of Prospecțiuni company were found with cut tires, in front of the hotel where the employees were staying.

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There were even some who have suggested that company employees could have cut their own tires, in an attempt to "victimize". Mitroi asserted that the company had suffered damages of 50, euros after actions of activists and mentioned that Prospecțiuni S. Tender's company is accused of violating several normative acts, including the Constitution, which guarantees the right to property.

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It risks to be closed after the Ponta Government approved the exploitation of shale gas in the area. According to the decision taken on 26 Novemberthe Government approved oil concession agreement for exploration, development and exploitation in the 3 Băile Felix perimeter by the East West Petroleum Corporation, a Canadian company with operations in United States, India, New Zealand and Morocco.

The meeting was held under the supervision of police and gendarmes. Aniței, Mayor of Curtici, mayors of other localities in the area, Orthodox priests and pastors of neo-Protestant churches in the area. To avoid the eventual occurrence of unwanted events, in the area were deployed forces of gendarmes and policemen ready to intervene.

Contrary to those declared by the Hungarian company, locals say that the searches are actually targeting the shale gas. Other protests[ edit ] On 28 April, over people from the villages of Cuci [ yahoo flip sides dating ], Băcești and Păltiniș [ ro ] attended a protest march against Chevron's intention to install new wells for shale gas exploration.

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During the march, a fight between locals and supporters of the mayor occurred. Around gendarmes intervened in 3—4 minutes after the yahoo flip sides dating of the incident — led to some exchanges of punches — and arrested one of the demonstrators in the column, subsequently released at the yahoo flip sides dating of the crowd.

The centre-right administration, led by Mihai Răzvan Ungureanua former foreign-intelligence chief, lost a no-confidence vote filed by the left-wing opposition.

He was referring, in part, to the government's granting of shale gas concessions to Chevron. According to protesters, Liviu Dragnea and Victor Ponta provide dating s4s about the risks of shale drilling, and the Environment Minister Rovana Plumb argues that yahoo flip sides dating permits are not even required in order to start exploration.

In another train of thoughts, Prime Minister Victor Ponta supports shale gas exploration, but in compliance with European and international standards for environmental protection. The American report bears the signature of the most important U. In this way, the communes were urged to revoke bans on shale gas exploitation.

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More than that, Vaslui County Prefecture brought to court 11 decisions made by local councils, that disagree with the exploitations. The Prefecture invokes an article of the Constitution, according to which deposits are owned by the state and local council approval is not required. In reply, mayors of the communes where derricks will be installed say they will not abandon the idea of banning the Canadian company's presence in the areas they lead.

In a press conference in Junehe said that he supports the projects related to shale gas. Likewise, he said that shale gas exploitation is a matter of confidence from the Government.